Digitising Photographs, Negatives and Slides

In both my own practice and in working with photographic collections in the archive, I have gained a wealth of experience in digitising photographic prints and and negatives of all kinds. I work with everything from 19th century glass plates to 35mm transparencies and everything in between be they on film or paper. Whether you’re a curator looking to digitise a collection of glass plate negatives, or you’re looking to preserve prints from your family album, I’d be very happy to talk to you about your requirements.

This is a glimpse at some of the images I have digitised in the past. They include glass plates from the early 20th century to 35mm colour film from the 1990s. Some of the images are from private clients and some were digitised for Berwick Record Office from their Photo Centre Collection.

Fine Art Photography -

In addition to working on older images, I also work with photographers and artists who continue to use film. I myself use film for certain bodies of work. Below are some examples of my own work shot on film and then digitised.

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