Photo credit: Pictorial Photography

Photo credit: Pictorial Photography


I'm Cameron Robertson, a photographer and researcher  based in Berwick upon Tweed. I have always had a fascination with photographs and with social history. My work allows me to work in both fields as I use photography to record and document the restoration of historic buildings.

I gained my BA(Hons) in Photography from the University of Cumbria in 2014 where much of my work focussed around photography and its connection to memory and its uses in the field of conservation. As well as creating my own bodies of work using both film and digital formats, I also worked with a number of collections of found photographs and negatives.  

Prior to, during and after my studies I have volunteered with Berwick Record Office, working with their photographic collections. This has allowed me to work with images in a wide range of formats from the past 100 years, both of local and national significance.  

Between 2013 and 2017 I  worked as archivist for the Berwick Townscape Heritage Initiative, a Heritage Lottery funded project restoring a group of highly important historic buildings within the town. You can read more about this side of my work on my research page.

In late 2017 'Photo-News Service to Photo Centre' an exhibition in collaboration with Berwick Visual Arts which opened in late January 2018. This has involved working with a huge collection of over 3 million negatives on all manner of subjects.  For more information about this exhibition or for details on how to visit, click here.  

In addition to my heritage and conservation based work, I also carry out photographic reproduction of paintings maps and documents and also digitise all manner of photographic material for private clients and archives. Here are some examples. 

I am currently working with the Freemen of Berwick upon Tweed on two photographic collections they have been given with the aim of publishing a book in early 2020.


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